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ALL FOR METAL - Biography

Born out of a common vision in 2022, the band was founded by Tim "Tetzel" Schmidt (also known as ASENBLUT vocalist) and Antonio Calanna (THE tenor of all tenors), completed by a consistently talented group of musicians including Jasmin Pabst, Ursula Zanichelli, Florian Toma, Leif Jensen, Christina Schulz, and Luisa Lohöfer: An invincible team allied for only one reason - to swiftly conquer the stages of the world.


Tim "Tetzel" Schmidt - Vocals
Antonio Calanna - Vocals
Jasmin Pabst - Guitars
Ursula Zanichelli - Guitars
Florian Toma - Bass
Leif Jensen - Drums
Christina Schulz - Showgirl
Luisa Lohöfer - Showgirl


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