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Latest release: DZIKKUH

The African continent is a true melting pot of creativity. Tribal art, rituals and history mix with the artistic visions of a new generation that has a different self-image and world view. Arka'n Asrafokor also belong to this new generation of artists - and what's more, the band around singer/guitarist/songwriter Rock is the figurehead of the entire African scene in the metal sector. Their sound is unique and mixes intense metal with an attitude characterised by African tradition and wisdom. With their innovative sound, Arka'n Asrafokor manage to be accessible and exciting at all times, making it easy for fans of Sepultura in their "Roots" days, The Hu and Soulfly to find their way in. In addition to heavy guitar riffs and thundering bass salvos, it is the unbridled drum and percussion elements in particular that characterise the sound of Arka'n Asrafokor and perfectly express the spirituality of the band.


Rock Ahavi - Guitars, lead vocals
Enrico Ahavi - Keyboards, harsh & rap vocals
Mass Aholou - Percussion
Francis Amevo - Bass
Richard Siko - Drums


  1. The Truth
  2. Not Getting In Line
  3. Walk With Us
  4. Angry God Of Earth
  5. Mamade
  6. Asrafo
  7. Final Tournament
  8. Still Believe
  9. Home
  10. The Calling


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