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Based in Borås, Mathias Lodmalm and his comrades immediately got recognition unleashing a stunning debut album titled »An Evil Shade Of Grey« (1992), shortly followed by their masterpiece »Godless Beauty« (1993) as well as »Black Vanity« (1994). CEMETARY incessantly dominated the extreme metal scene releasing two more records (1996’s »Sundown« & 1997’s »Last Confessions«) and touring all over Europe. After the band split-up in 1997, Lodmalm released his swansong, »Phantasma« in 2005. Continually active in the metal underground, he re-emerged as CEMETARY 1213 to create the science fiction inspired concept album »The Beast Divine,« showing a much colder and harder edge than its predecessors.


Mathias Lodmalm - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Mattias Borgh - Drums


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