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Latest release: THE JUDAS PARADOX

Four long years after the release of their highly acclaimed album "Illuminati," Dutch black/death metal icons GOD DETHRONED descend from the shoals of silence with their brand new offering titled "The Judas Paradox," which is due out on September 6, 2024 through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). The hellish Dutchmen don't beat around the bush and set the bar right away by delivering a fierce statement about the Vatican's darkest skeletons in the closet with their new single, 'Rat Kingdom.'


Henri "T.S.K." Sattler | Vocals, Guitar
Dave Meester | Guitar
Jeroen Pomper | Bass
Frank Schilperoort | Drums


  1. The Judas Paradox
  2. Rat Kingdom
  3. The Hanged Man
  4. Black Heart
  5. Asmodeus
  6. Kashmir Princess
  7. Hubris Anorexia
  8. The Eye Of Providence
  9. Hailing Death
  10. Broken Bloodlines
  11. War Machine


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