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Latest release: TEMPEST

Swedish heavy metal commando LANCER will release their new, fourth studio album "Tempest" on August 11th. The album was recorded by the band and Anders Backelin (LORD BELIAL and others) at "Armageddon Recordings Studio", who also mixed and mastered the work, together with guitarist Per-Owe Solvelius, the main producer of the new studio epic. "It's very heavy, it's dramatic and it's a new beginning for Lancer," reveals their new vocalist Jack L. Stroem. LANCER conquered the metal scene in spring 2012 with their debut EP "Purple Sky", followed by their self-titled debut album "Lancer" (2013) and its successor "Second Storm" (2015). The album offered melodic metal in the long tradition of outstanding Swedish metal bands such as HAMMERFALL, MORGANA LEFAY, DREAM EVIL, TAD MOROSE and many others. The album received rave reviews from the metal press around the world, who described the band as "future successors to the throne of melodic metal". In the fall of 2015, LANCER accompanied the German power metal band FREEDOM CALL on tour as a support act and received a fantastic reception from the fans! Their third longplayer "Mastery" was mastered by Miro Rodenberg (AVANTASIA, RHAPSODY, KAMELOT) at "Gate Studio" and was released in 2017 via Nuclear Blast. LANCER then went to Japan for the first time and played a sold-out show at the "Astro Hall" in Tokyo before touring Europe in support of HAMMEFALL and GLORYHAMMER. Back home, LANCER made their debut at the renowned "Sabaton Open Air" festival before vocalist Isak Stenvall and drummer Sebastian Pedernera announced their departure from the band. After the recruitment of singer Jack L. Stroem (VANDOR) and drummer Pontus Andrén, LANCER's line-up is now complete again and stronger than ever! "Finding both Jack and Pontus seems like a stroke of luck! Jack with his powerful and versatile voice and Pontus' technical brilliance and groove make them a perfect addition to the band", Fredrik adores the new members. "Words can't describe how excited I am to present the music on the new album. My Lancer brothers have increased my vocal abilities tenfold and I'm so happy with the end result," says Jack and his new bandmate Pontus summarizes: "It feels great to be part of this next chapter of Lancer. "Tempest" is an exciting new direction for the band, while still retaining some elements of the old material that I love." "Tempest" is a powerful dose of metal - with the "Made in Sweden" seal of approval, of course!


Jack L. Stroem - Vocals
Per-Owe "Ewo" Solvelius - Guitar
Fredrik Kelemen - Guitar
Emil Öberg - Bass
Pontus Andrén - Drums


  1. Purest Power
  2. Fan The Flames
  3. Entity
  4. Out Of The Sun
  5. Tempest
  6. Corruption
  7. Blind Faith
  8. We Furiously Reign
  9. Eye For An Eye
  10. The Grand Masquerade
  11. End Of The World (Bonus Track)
  12. Postlude (Bonus Track)


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