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Latest release: CHASING EUPHORIA

LUTHARO is a melodic metal band hailing from Hamilton, Canada. Formed in 2014, LUTHARO strive to sculpt an epic sound that sees aspects of power and death colliding, combining artfully crafted melodies, harmonies and precision with a hard-hitting power. They’ve shared the stages with bands such as UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, ALESTORM, NERVOSA, THE AGONIST, EXMORTUS, STRIKER and more.  The band’s debut full-length album “Hiraeth” was released in 2021. Following their 2018 debut EP “Unleash The Night” and 2020 EP “Wings Of Agony”, “Hiraeth” sees the quintet push their compositional and performance skills further than ever before. This epic exploration of the band’s technical, musical and compositional abilities – expertly balancing hauntingly beautiful atmospheres with raw power and aggression – finds its continuation now in LUTHARO’s new single, “Ruthless Bloodline”.


Krista Shipperbottom - Vocals 
Victor Bucur - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Chris Pacey - Bass 
Cory Hofing - Drums 


  1. Gates Of Enchantment
  2. Reaper's Call
  3. Ruthless Bloodline
  4. Time To Rise
  5. Born To Ride
  6. Bonded To The Blade
  7. Chasing Euphoria
  8. Creating A King
  9. Strong Enough To Fall
  10. Paradise Or Parasite
  11. Freedom Of The Night


Latest Release

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Chasing Euphoria


Chasing Euphoria

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