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Latest release: THE FALL OF THE SHIRES

At its best, prog can be a safe haven from the storm outside, a soothing experience with healing and escapist qualities. Genuine musicianship, pure emotion and a penchant for supreme melody make this music a journey, an experience for which records and headphones were invented in the first place. At the forefront of prog music stands Richard West, renowned keyboard wizard and songwriter for British prog metal pioneers THRESHOLD for over 30 years. Six years after their epic masterpiece »Legends Of The Shires,« West returns to these shores to deliver a long-awaited sequel. Not under the THRESHOLD moniker, mind you. But with a brand new supergroup. Prog fans far and wide, rejoice: OBLIVION PROTOCOL are here. And they bring us »The Fall Of The Shires.«


Richard West - Vocals, Keyboards
Ruud Jolie - Guitars
Simon Andersson - Bass
Darby Todd - Drums


  1. The Fall (Part 1)
  2. Tormented
  3. Public Safety Broadcast
  4. This Is Not a Test
  5. Storm Warning
  6. Vertigo
  7. Forests in the Fallout
  8. The Fall (Part 2)


Latest Release

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The Fall Of The Shires


The Fall Of The Shires

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