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RAGE BEHIND is an alliance of seasoned musicians that have combined forces to defend the legacy of modern groove and thrash metal titans, and to spread a call to fight in a world of ever-growing disgrace.
This new devastating metalcore and thrash monster has paid its dues while on the road with Heaven Shall Burn, Protest The Hero, Between The Buried And Me and Rise Of The Northstar. They have perfected their craft to the point of delivering the crushing debut single “Eminence or Disgrace”, that aggregates the precision of Slayer, and the groove of acts like Lamb of God.
Their heart is fueled by passion, rage, and ambition. In this decadent world, where one easily loses his moral compass, their will is to bring the listener to achieve eminence. Every song – on their later to be released LP – is a call to surpass ones’ self-imposed limits.
The Rage might be held behind the mask, but they will deliver the message starting 2022.


Stan Morgan - Bass
Edward Vale - Drums
Jerry Ho - Guitars (lead)
Max Liva - Guitars (rhythm)
Vitali Lukas - Vocals


  1. Eminence or disgrace
  2. Eye for an eye
  3. Genesis
  4. Season of blood
  5. Through wrath
  6. Dictated freedom
  7. The blind
  8. Hourglass and revenge
  9. Don't break
  10. Worldwide hostility
  11. The reign (Bonus Track)
  12. The hands of revenge (Bonus Track)


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