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27 June 2024

THE ETERNAL - launch 'Under The Black' lyric video; new album "Skinwalker" out this Friday via RPM!

"This album is simply absolutely fantastic!"
POWERMETAL.DE, Björn Backes - 9,5/10 Points

"The songs carry a heavy emotional impact and burden to the listener,
but also make you yearn for more punishment."

METAL-TEMPLE.COM, Dave Campbell - 9/10 Points

"An excellently crafted album: "Skinwalker" grows exponentially listening by listening."
ROCK HARD (IT), Federico Venditti - 8/10 Points

"...the time is right for THE ETERNAL: to see them grasp their chance
with such flair on "Skinwalker" is not only thrilling, but also a fitting tribute
to Mark Kelson's vision for the band over more than two decades."

SENTINEL DAILY (AU), Alf-Inge Ingesson

"...it revolves around the talented songwriting and the experience held within the core of
THE ETERNAL to achieve a unified record full of enraptured charm from start to finish.


Today, Finnish-Australian metallers THE ETERNAL release their long-awaited seventh studio album, "Skinwalker," through Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). It's way more than a new album though: marking some kind of fresh start of the group with a renewed line-up, the 9-track offering doesn't only please long-time followers of the band but also appeals to many new listeners outside of their previous fan base by successfully exploring new sonic territories besides their comfort zone. "Skinwalker" can now be enjoyed in its full splendour, and to mark the occasion, the group have prepared a video for the track 'Under The Black,' which can also be found on the album.

Check out 'Under The Black' now, here: https://youtu.be/-Utz2IeffKs

Stream/purchase the track: https://theeternal.rpm.link/undertheblack

The track offers a compelling showcase of THE ETERNAL's progressive inclinations, blending dynamic shifts and emotive storytelling into a captivating sonic journey. With the introduction of guest Santeri Kallio's (AMORPHIS) Hammond organ, the track ignites into motion, driven by its pulsating energy. Guided by expressive guitar work and propelled by commanding drums and resounding bass lines, the listener is lead through a series of exhilarating peaks and valleys, where haunting vocals take centre stage. Dynamically, the track navigates the spectrum from fragile intimacy to bombastic progressive metal, showcasing THE ETERNAL's adeptness at crafting multifaceted compositions.

Order "Skinwalker" in your preferred physical format [CD-digipak or transparent/black marbled 2LP], stream it on your favourite digital service provider (DSP), or order it digitally now, here: https://theeternal.rpm.link/skinwalker.

"Skinwalker" - Track Listing:

01. Abandonded By Hope
02. Deathlike Silence
03. Under The Black
04. Temptation's Door
05. The Iconoclast
06. When The Fire Dies
07. Fall Upon The Earth
08. Skinwalker
09. Shattered Remains

Don't forget to subscribe to Reigning Phoenix Music on YouTube to stay updated and listen to 'Under The Black' along with other new tracks in the "RPM New Releases" playlist on Spotify. Subscribe here: https://rpm.link/spotifynewreleases.

More from "Skinwalker":
'Deathlike Silence' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/NWyy5j9zRZk
'Skinwalker' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HzltC8Bko_Q
'When The Fire Dies' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MjmqX7ItiTg

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